The long way home…

After living in London for the past 6 years, its time for us to start our epic journey back to New Zealand by bicycle. We will be travelling through some of the most remote places on the planet and will try our best to document it to show you our journey. We have our tent, our cooker, our bikes and each other. Here we go!

Big love, Tanneke (AKA Tane Welton and Anneke Liefting)

Stats so far…

as of 30 November 2017

  • Current location: Tehran, Iran 
  • Distance travelled: 7950 kms
  • Days since leaving London: 185
  • Rest/Tourist days: 72
  • Countries peddled through: 14
  • Flat tyres: 3 (2:1 Tane:Anneke)